Zendu Maintenance Assistant

Powerful CMMS software that fits any size business

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ZenduMA Makes Maintenance Management Easy and Lowers Repair Costs

Reduce Equipment Failure

Reduce downtime and increase equipment availability to boost production and quality, safely and cost effectively.

Boost Productivity

Manage your workers more effectively and rapidly find the parts, tools and information they need to save time and get the job done right the first time.

Report on Activities

Drive accountability and provide management with the reports they need to roll-up your maintenance costs into your company’s financial system.

Work Orders

Provide technicians with detailed work instructions created from standard job lists. Track parts consumed, add completion notes and even print to paper.

Purchase Management

Manage suppliers and request quotes quickly and easily. Use your CMMS to source millions of parts and spares and compare vendors and pricing.

MRO Inventory Management

Manage all your MRO inventory with the ability to quickly add missing technical data, pricing, and supplier information to your asset and supplies records.

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Manage assets, work orders, and purchasing in one centralized location.
Zendu MA CMMS software can do more than you can imagine…


"Coldwell Solar is growing fast and we wanted a cloud-based CMMS to manage our solar assets. I compared multiple solutions but always came back to {Zendu Maintenance}. The per user pricing model is easy to understand and it’s absolutely the best bang for your buck."

- Blaine Neal, O&M Manager, Coldwell Solar

"It’s so simple to manage users and navigate through assets to find relevant information like work orders, scheduled work, and parts use history, which has been a big plus for my department. I would recommend {Zendu Maintenance} to any other maintenance department in a heartbeat."

- Ewen Leslie, Engineer, Scottish Sea Farms

"We recently switched from an older system. The support team helped us get started on the initial transition within a few days, and had the system live the next week. We’re just getting started and already the mobile app is making inventory management a lot simpler."

- Ross Wortman, Maintenance Coordinator, Husker AG, LLC

"Before adopting the system we didn’t keep a history for auditing and had no way to track true costing. But since getting the CMMS going, we’ve been able to see the full history of each asset and keep track of all our costs."

- Lori Pullen, Maintenance Administrator, Autosystems, Division of Magna

"Getting {Zendu Maintenance} set up was easier than anyone expected. I handled the transition on my own, and adding assets and users was really straightforward, so we were up and running almost immediately."

- Bernie Gagelonia, Maintenance Planner, Denso

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ZenduMA Key Differentiators

With full telematics integration, maintenance will virtually take care of itself. Based on triggers such as:

  • Odometer readings
  • Engine Hours
  • Fuel Economy
  • Oil Temperature
  • Tire Pressure
  • Battery Voltage
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Cycles

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Industry-Leading Telematics Add-Ons

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Discover the power and simplicity of Zendu Maintenance

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